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Advent 2018 Blog – St Nicholas

Advent 2018 Blog – Stop and Listen

Before you proceed to Christmas:   Stop, Look and Listen. We begin another Advent season with words that we don’t normally come across this time of year.   Stop, Look and Listen.   It is the theme of this year’s Advent Blog.  These words that we teach our children as...
Advent 2018 Blog – St Nicholas


Dear Friends, This week a group from our church staff went on a field trip. We went to watch and learn from a United Methodist church in Kansas City, Missouri. Like Royal Oak First, Good Shepherd in Kansas City is a fast-growing church. It was great to meet their...
Advent 2018 Blog – St Nicholas

Advent Blog Day 14 – Simply What?

I began this Advent Blog two weeks ago, with a paper chain filled with Bible verses and small tasks, and with the theme “Simply Christmas”. And now I ask myself…,”so how’s that workin for ya?” Simply Christmas; a more simple Christmas….??? As I type this, I can see...
Advent 2018 Blog – St Nicholas

Advent Blog Day 9 – Shepherding

Luke 2:8 “And there were shepherds watching their flocks by night.” Who were the shepherds and why would they be the first on earth to hear the news about Jesus? We know that the job of shepherd was not a one of status, but I tend to forget that many of the great...

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