Advent Blog Day 14 – Simply What?

I began this Advent Blog two weeks ago, with a paper chain filled with Bible verses and small tasks, and with the theme “Simply Christmas”.

And now I ask myself…,”so how’s that workin for ya?” Simply Christmas; a more simple Christmas….??? As I type this, I can see just over my computer a large stack of un-mailed, unaddressed Christmas cards. I ordered 100 this year. I sent out 30 last year. But, I am now in new and wonderful communities at work and at church. I run in circles where Christmas cards matter, folks who really count on the cards.

Simply Christmas? Simply A Lot!

Tonight is our Saturday Night Supper Club Christmas Dinner. A night at church aimed at our seniors but one that also gives those on the street another chance for a hot meal. It will be great fun, filled with food , and carols. However…..I did not make it to Costco last night to purchase “said” food, so in about two hours from now I will go to Costco…, COSTCO on a Saturday at Christmas.

Simply Christmas? Simply Crazy!

Last night a group of leaders from the church came out on a snowy Friday at the height of the holiday season. They came to meet with our District Superintendent who brought a message from our Bishop, appointing me as the associate pastor of Royal Oak First United Methodist Church.

Simply Christmas? Simply Miraculous!.

All of this is to simply say: In this busy, crazy Christmas season, don’t miss your miracle.

Grace and Peace at Advent.


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