Advent 2018 Blog – Stop and Listen

Before you proceed to Christmas:   Stop, Look and Listen.

We begin another Advent season with words that we don’t normally come across this time of year.   Stop, Look and Listen.   It is the theme of this year’s Advent Blog.  These words that we teach our children as they are learning to cross a street somehow seem appropriate for Advent.   In this special season, we are called to stop the routine, break away from the everyday and find the God who is with us, the God who came to this earth as a baby on that first Christmas.

Life can feel like a busy street; one where we are continuously trying to navigate our way across.  The traffic is relentless, and we have places to go.   Do we dash out and hope for the best?   Or do we do what we have thought our children…just stop, not slow down, but stop.   We spend so much time rushing around trying to find God in the Christmas season.  We forget those familiar words from the Psalms.

“Be still and know that I am God.”   Psalm 46:10

So to begin our Advent Blog journey… let’s just stop it all down.   Let’s take a few moments to sit quietly and find the God who is already here.  Let’s just be still and know God.   Here is a meditation that I use.  It is a great way to truly “prepare” for Christmas.

Grace and Peace at Advent.


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