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Passion…an intense desire or enthusiasm for something.


If you had nothing stopping you, what would you spend your time doing? What gifts has God given you to make a difference in the world? It could be a cause, or an activity, or it could be helping a certain segment of society.


Most often, your passion is not your day-to-day job. It can be, but your passion is a deep-seated reflection of your unique core values that sometimes is not able to be shown in a workplace setting.


People who engage in their passion, tend to be more resilient when encountering troubles. Think about someone you admire, who engages in their passion. When you think of them and their energy, their passion really seems to be a reflection of who they are as a person, right?


We invite you to take our Passions Assessment so you can start to fully understand what, at the end of the day, moves you and allows you to see your full reflection!

Click HERE to view and print a PDF of the Passions Assessment


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