Racial Justice

When God created the world, God looked upon it and called it good. We boldly proclaim and affirm that all of humanity was created in the image of God and that God, through Christ, binds us all together with cords that cannot be broken. Through the Holy Spirit, we are called and committed to embodying the works of Jesus Christ to let justice roll so that we might be the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. 

We must live by the example of the revolutionary radical rabbi from Nazareth who spent much of his ministry fighting against injustice.

We are a body of believers acknowledging that the call to be the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven is a call to being an unconditionally loving and radically inclusive church of all humanity that stands at the forefront of racial injustice in our community and our world.
Just as Jesus Christ himself saw the humanity of those that were crucified on the cross with him as well as those that placed him there, we must see the humanity of all God’s creation. 

From that lesson, we must learn from the history of the church and reject the evils of racism and white supremacy that have plagued our church universal and our world. We must affirm that black lives matter and acknowledge our unmerited privilege that distances us from the world as God intended.

We commit to taking action to support and uplift persons of color in our community in the midst of the deafening silence of the majority of America. 

We commit to continuing to educate ourselves on institutional and structural racism, as well as implicit or unconscious bias, so that we may take targeted actions to dismantle racism.

We commit to continuing to be the hands and feet of the revolutionary radical rabbi from Nazareth who, by his example, protested and worked toward the dismantling of oppressive practices and systems. 

We who believe in freedom cannot rest. 

Authors: James Cogman, Joyce Hollingsworth, Krista Conyers

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