My name is Cathy and I have worn a lot of hats in my 33 years here on this planet. I was the Little Red Hen, in my kindergarten production of “The Little Red Hen,” a babysitter, an acolyte, lacrosse player, Captain of my Cheerleading squad. I was a college student at Central Michigan University, a French major, a resident of Alaska, a Travel Director in Saint Louis, an HR Executive for the best company ever. The hats on my head currently are wife (9 years), mom (4 years), Francophile, Disney addict, social media enthusiast and good deed doer. I am the creator of the Digital Church for Royal Oak First United Methodist Church. My goal is to reach people from the comfort of their couch to spread the word of God. My goal is to connect with people literally where they are. I want to spread God’s love. I want people to know it is easier to be kind and inclusive. The best part of my job is making connections with people online, in person and on the streets on Royal Oak. Throughout the last few months of wearing this Digital Church hat – I have met some amazing people in Royal Oak. So join me here – as we share their stories and feature #PeopleofRoyalOak. I can’t wait for you to meet them!

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