The Meaning of Confirmation

Dear Friends,

The 11:00 service this Sunday will be a milestone moment for 13 of our young people. For the past year, these young people have been meeting, sharing, learning, and praying together and today they will stand before us and we will confirm the faith that was first spoken to them at their baptism. Today is the day that they say to us, “We are ready to take this next step of faith!”

For us here at Royal Oak First, Confirmation is not just about memorizing the dates and facts about Jesus, the history of Christianity, or the particulars of the United Methodist Church. Confirmation does not mean passing a test by having the right answers to a set of theological or doctrinal questions. This is a moment when we hope these young people will say, “Here I have found a way of life that is worth living and a community of people that it is worth living it with!” We hope that at the end of their time together these students will commit to a life that stands up for justice, seeks to create a kind and more loving world, and will know that service is at the center of our faith.

So to Russell, Kaylee, Alena, Claire, Ella, Matthew, Nolan, Liam, Nico, Casey, Elliot, Ivy, and Jake, we say congratulations. We are so proud of you! We will pray for you and always be here for you while you take your place in the life of the church and your next steps in this journey of faith!

I want to especially thank Sharon Cross and Kip Tull for being these students trusted guides and mentors. Your selfless giving of your time and talent will leave an indelible mark on these students forever. You have lived your faith in front of them–they have seen Christ in you. Thank you for your service.

Grace and Peace,

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