Spiritual Gifts Assessment

We give gifts to people as an expression of love, gratitude, and appreciation. The best gifts always seem to be the ones where we can tell that the giver has put some real thought into the gift. They have given us something that is “just for us,” showing a deep affection and understanding of who we are and how we live.

God is in the business of gifting. Paul, in his writing to the New Testament church, details all the ways God has given people unique gifts, unique ways of being in the world, unique ways of serving the community. We call these Spiritual Gifts. God has given each of us Spiritual Gifts. The gifts have shaped our unique personalities and give us insight into how we might work for good in the world.

Spiritual gifts are different than talents or abilities. Certainly, all talents and abilities are “gifts” from God, but Spiritual Gifts go one step forward. Spiritual Gifts combine our abilities, our passions, and our experiences and become our “response” to the world. Spiritual Gifts are God’s way of moving in the world through us. Spiritual Gifts always work for good and always make the world a better place.

Spiritual Gifts are God-given. This is important to remember. God gave you these special gifts. It is not something we did on our own. It is just what has been given to us. So, it is not bragging when we claim the gift. We have been raised in a culture that tells us not to brag about what makes us unique or special. We are often shy in “letting our light shine.” Remember that when we claim our gift and begin using them in the world, we are thanking the gift giver; we are giving thanks to God.

Spiritual Gifts are universally given. Spiritual Gifts are not just for preachers and missionaries; everyone on this earth has a Spiritual Gift, a part to play in God’s great plan to reconcile the world. The key is recognizing the Gift and using it to answer God’s call. Paul goes to great lengths to make sure we understand the importance of all of the different kinds of gifts. Every one, every gift, is a part of the “body”, and all gifts are equally important. The body needs all of the parts to function and to move forward.

Spiritual Gifts are given for good. We know that Spiritual Gifts are given by God and given to be used in the world as God’s “hands and feet”. We also know that God is GOOD (and there’s nothing we can do about it). That of course, means that Spiritual Gifts are good; they work for good; they help people on this earth; they work together to bring God’s Kingdom on earth.

Spiritual Gifts are given equally. There is no hierarchy among the Spiritual Gifts. No gift is more important or more valuable than another. Every gift is needed. Every gift is necessary. Every gift is important. We live in a culture that sometime says upfront gifts like leadership are more in important than quieter, behind-the-scenes gifts like helping. This is not so in the Body of Christ. Every gift is needed to make Christ’s love known to the world.

The most important thing about a gift is that, until they’re opened, enjoyed, and used, they are not fully received. We don’t give gifts hoping they will be left on shelves. No! We want them to be opened, enjoyed, and used! God has given us gifts. We have to truly receive them–open them, enjoy them, and use them.

Enjoy finding your gifts. They have been given to us by God.

There is no better gift than that, right?

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