Book: Matthew 22:1-10

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A Letter from the Preacher

Dear Friends,
We all have wedding stories. Whether we were in a wedding or invited to a wedding or just saw one on TV, we all know about weddings. We have seen fathers step on veils and high heels bring down brides, falling wedding cakes and soggy receptions. You gotta love those scene-stealing flower girls and the always hilarious canine ring bearers. No matter what happens, though, somehow the joy and love of the day seem to take over and each mishap becomes a wonderful memory and a good story.

I am preaching this weekend because Pastor Jeff is officiating an out of town wedding. It is wedding season! Last Saturday (on his birthday, no less), Jeff had two weddings, one in the afternoon in our sanctuary and one in the evening in Detroit. On Sunday I asked him how the weddings went and he said, “You know, there is nothing better; who doesn’t want to be part of a wedding?”

I do know what Jeff is talking about. A couple of months ago, I put on my pastor’s robe for the first time to help officiate a wedding here at our church. I watched this bride come down the aisle and take the hand of her husband-to-be with their family and friends looking on. It was beautiful and what can I say; I had the best seat in the house. Still, it was my first wedding as a pastor. There was a moment where all I could think of was this line from a movie where the priest is officiating his first wedding and nervously misspeaks the blessing: “the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spigot”. The words “don’t say spigot, don’t say spigot” passed through my mind… more than once.

This week we are looking at one of the Parables Jesus tells in his last week before the cross. It’s a story about a wedding… and even though things don’t turn out as planned, (as in all good wedding stories) in the end, love wins.

Grace and Peace,
Myra Moreland
Director of Discipleship and Caring Ministries

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