Now is the Time – Natalia and Anna

Anna and Natalia met in day care when they were less than one year old. The summer before thrid grade, Ann had been looking forward going to Choir Camp but was nervous about not knowing other kids very well. She invited Natalia to come to camp with her… the rest is history.

Natalia and Anna will graduate this year. They agree that being friends at school and at church has deepened their friendship.

Bridget Nelson, one of our Youth Group leaders says, “Friendship is one of the things that keeps our young people in church. I’m grateful for a church that makes space for young people, encourages them to invite a friend and grow in their faith together.”

Ann and Natalie have participated in just about everything at Royal Oak First: Choir, Youth Group, helping with childcare, making pasties, and serving at Fish Dinners. Last summer, they served as Student Leaders on the youth trip to Cincinnati and enjoyed all the senior responsibilities during their 10th year at Choir Camp.

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