Love What God Loves

So how do we love God?

Most of religious people tend to think that we love God by attending church services.  For some reason, we thought that made God happy.  I’m not sure why. That idea probably has more to do with clergy job security!

Jesus never talked about attending services, although community makes life richer, and we do tend to become like the folks we hang out with. In fact, the prophets are always reminding us that God is pretty unimpressed with self-serving church services.

“The sanctuary, the sanctuary, the sanctuary” is all we care about, Jeremiah shouts.

“I hold my nose at your incense. What I want you to do is love the widow and the orphan,” say both Isaiah and Amos.  bible-god-is-love

The message is absolutely clear, yet we went right back to loving church services instead of loving what God loves. I believe our inability to recognize and love God in what is right in front of us has made us separate religion from our actual lives. There is Sunday morning, and then there is real life.

The only way I know to love God  is to love what God loves, which is everything and everyone, including you and including me!

“We love because God first loved us”

“If we love one another, God remains in us, and love is brought to perfection in us.

Love what is right in front of you and guess what? You’ll be loving God.

Learning to love what is right in front of us allows infinite love to flow right through us. We are able to love things in their “thisness” —for themselves and in themselves—and not for what they do for us. 

Now the possibility of love is always right in front of us and always concrete; it is no longer a theory, a heroic ideal, or a mere distant goal.

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