Dear Friends,

One of our mantras around here is, “Making Christ’s Love Real.” We don’t just want our faith to be something we talk about, we want it to be something people can feel and experience. We are committed to matching our words with tangible acts of hospitality, kindness, and mercy.

This is exactly what happened with the coming of Christ. In Jesus, God’s love was made real. It came in the flesh, it was something we could see, feel, touch, and experience. Jesus showed us that caring for the poor and the sick were not just nice ideas. No, when Jesus encountered hungry people, they were fed. When Jesus encountered someone who was sick, they were cared for and received healing. Jesus made Christ’s love real.

Antone is a part of our community. He is a frequent guest at lunch. This past week he stopped in the office with some good news. He had a job interview. What worried him was that he didn’t have the right clothes to make the right first impression. Our staff didn’t hesitate and before the day was out Antone was outfitted for his interview. There was great joy on the days that followed when Antone returned to the office with the even better news that he got the job!

Christ’s love made real!

Keeping It Real,

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