Advent Blog Day 4 Finding Peace at Christmas

Advent Blog Day 4 Finding Peace at Christmas

How do we find Peace at Christmas?  What do we want; what do we expect?  The real question is, what is the peace that Jesus brings?  We think of peace in the classic definitions:  absence of conflict, harmony, tranquility and serenity.  But if we go into Christmas thinking that kind of peace will rule the day, we will likely be frustrated and disappointed.  And while these are all wonderful goals, they are really not the kind of peace that Jesus brings to this earth.  So what is the Jesus kind of peace and how do we find it?

Jesus says “my peace I give to you, but not like the world gives.”  Paul calls it a “peace that passes understanding.”

Probably the best understanding of Christmas Peace, comes from the story of Mary and her visit from the angel Gabriel.  The angel tells Mary that God has a unique assignment for her.  She is to have a baby, a baby who is the Christ child, the Messiah.  She pushes back; she questions how this is possible, but here is her final response:

Mary said,” …I am ready to serve; let it be with me just as you say.”    Luke 1:38.

In this moment, Mary has found peace.  Mary has said “yes” to God.

And without question it is not a peace of tranquility or harmony.  The peace that Mary has just found will lead her into all kinds of conflict.  She will have a baby out of wedlock.  She and her family will be hunted by the king.  And in the end she will watch her son die on the cross.  Truly, it is the peace that passes understanding; it is the peace of answering God’s call.

Jesus brings a peace that connects us to God, a peace that penetrates our hearts and our lives and guides us to live in the way God intended. Jesus opens the channel for us to hear God calling.   And in those moments when we are on the path… when we are let Jesus guide us…. We will know Peace.   Christmas Peace.

Searching for Christmas Peace, this advent season?   Listen to where God is calling you and just say “yes.”

Grace and Christmas Peace at Advent


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