What do you mean when you say…

Dear Friends,

I was at the chiropractor the other week and my doctor kept using chiropractic words. Words like Lumbosacral Strain, Subluxation, and Intervertebral Disc. My doctor dropped these words as if she was sure I knew exactly what she meant. She spoke a language I didn’t speak—a language I didn’t understand. I found myself needing to stop her from time to time and say, “What do mean when you say…”

It is really easy to develop an insider language, a way of speaking that only others like you will understand. The faith community has developed its own insider language. We use theological and religious words, assuming everybody knows what we mean, words like grace, sin, salvation, and Kingdom of God.

What do we mean we use these words?

What don’t we mean?

Do these words still matter?

How do these words shape our life together?

“What do we mean when we say…”

For the next month, we will be looking at some of the unique words we throw around in the church, hoping to give us some deeper connections to our faith and to each other.

Thanks for being here this morning.

We are glad you are here!

Grace and peace,

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