The Christmas Conspiracy

Dear Friends,

The 19th Century essayist Hamilton Wright Mabie once wrote, “Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

That is what this season is all about.

Christmas is God’s hope to put the world back into the right relationship with itself. And before this day is over each of us will be issued a “Divine invitation” to unleash mercy and compassion on our divided and hurting world.

So welcome to this holiest of nights.

We invite you to sing the songs, pray the prayers, and listen to the stories.

But most importantly, we invite you to be inspired to join God in changing the world.

You see, something truly miraculous happened in that manger two thousand years ago-something that has the potential to impact everything about everything.

It is our hope that you glimpse the miracle in that manger tonight. In fact, we hope you glimpse that miracle every night.

The world is counting on it!

Merry Christmas!

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