Down the Rabbit Hole

Finding yourself at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole

Today’s sermon talks about finding yourself at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole. When you find yourself at the bottom of a pit whatever it is, a friend who cares about you makes all the difference in the world.

Listen in the sermon for the secret that gets and keeps you out of the bottom of the Rabbit Hole, whatever it happens to be for you. Here are a couple of secrets that I will share with you now.

For us when we talk about real love, real friendships, and making a real difference it’s not just about words. That’s part of the reason we talk about making a real difference in the world with our offerings.

Whatever your own personal version or vision of the church might be I think the one vision all of us can agree on is that we are a people committed to meeting others at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole and helping them in some concrete or specific way.

If you’re looking for a way to meet people at the bottom of the Rabbit Hole and help make Christ’s Love Real in our world today there is probably no better way than to help serve in our daily Sack Lunch program.

For other more specific and concrete ways to make your faith real, make sure you come back next week to hear the story of Pentecost and the first church. Come ready to celebrate and make sure you wear red. There will be a surprise at each of the services. Don’t miss it!

George Marck

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