Pink Shoes

So… why the pink shoes?

Even before our modern culture of overwork, the church built in some time in its calendar to take a break. Right in the middle of the season we call Lent, the six weeks of quiet and reflection, there’s one week that doesn’t look like the others. Rose Sunday, or Laetare Sunday [Latin for rejoice], is a little break from the more reserved and somber tone of the season. It’s called Rose Sunday from the tradition of wearing pink vestments (the fancy clothes ministers sometimes wear).

That’s why I’m wearing my pink shoes today, for all the people who just need a moment to be joyful when life can be so heavy the rest of the time. And, admittedly, there aren’t many Sundays to sport these pink shoes.

This week, join me in bringing a little Rose Sunday to the world:

  • When somebody drives like an idiot, give them a break.
  • When somebody annoys you, in person or online, give them a break.
  • When you drop the ball, give yourself a break, too.

Dig some pink out of the closet if you’ve got it, and let’s add some brightness to this world.

Happy Rose Sunday!

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