Now is the Time

Book: Mark 5:24-34

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A Letter from the Pastor

Dear Friends,

Let me tell you about my oldest son, Casey. Casey is now a middle schooler. He is in sixth grade at Royal Oak Middle School. This is a big year for him. Having moved to Royal Oak in the fifth grade, Casey felt that he was always behind relationally. Friendships and traditions were already well established and at times Casey struggled to find his place.

That is why Casey was so excited to start Middle School. It was a fresh start. A chance to try new things. A chance to meet new people. A chance to make new friends. And let me tell you that Casey is making the most of this new beginning.

One of the things Casey has done this year is join the Cross-Country Team. He loves it! We are so very proud of him. He is not the best, (he came in 68 out 76 the other day) but he gives it his all. He is improving every race. He is making new friends. He is having fun. We couldn’t be prouder.

Casey knew what time it was! Beginning Middle School was a chance to spread his wings and discover more of who God has made him to be. He saw his moment and he grabbed hold.

This fall at Royal Oak First we will be talking about knowing what time it is, hoping that, like Casey, we can grab hold of the moment God is presenting to us. This is our moment to grow. This is our moment to try new things. This is our moment to be a part of the movement that changes the world. This is our time!

Four weeks from now we will each make our financial pledge for the upcoming year. There has never been a time so ripe with opportunity as the one we are currently experiencing. I pray, that like Casey, we grab hold and run!

Grace and Peace,Pastor Jeff's Signature

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