Music for Life

Dear Friends,

We are in for a real treat this Sunday as the African Children’s Choir sings at both of our Sunday services. It is an honor to have these children come and share their song of peace and hope. The mission of this organization is to generate hope, healing and justice for the innocent and vulnerable children of Africa by funding relief and educational programs across the continent. One such program is called “Music for Life.” It reaches more than 500 children in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda teaching them the power of expression through music and helping children know the joy of God’s love.

We will be taking a special offering this weekend that will go to support the African Children’s Choir. This is your chance to be a part of this movement to change the world one child and one voice at a time.

A special thank you to Michelle Haight and all of the host families who made this concert in Royal Oak possible.

And thank you to the African Children’s Choir for sharing your voice with all of us at Royal Oak First.

God is moving in the world through these children.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Myra

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