Mother’s Day

Dear Friends,

Of all the Sunday’s of the year, Mother’s Day might be the hardest to preach. It is hard because Mother’s Day brings up a lot of different emotions. For me, it is a day that I just miss my mom who has been gone for 20 years. For others, Mother’s Day can highlight the strain in the relationship with our mom, while for some moms it highlights the hurt that exists with their kids. For some women, Mother’s Day is an all-too-stark reminder that they will never have children. And for many others, Mother’s Day is an almost impossible task–trying to have a bouquet of flowers, an after-church brunch and just the right greeting card to say thank you to the woman who literally gave us life. I have learned that there is no way to even come close to preaching a sermon that encompasses all that this day holds.

So here is what we want to say today:

For all those mothers, grandmothers, aunts and “other mothers” that have touched, shaped and poured their life into ours, we say, “thank you!”

For all of those today who are missing their moms, we grieve with you.

For all of those for whom this day is a reminder of the brokenness of their family, we hear you and we pray you find some healing and comfort.

For those mothers who have lost children and today makes you miss them more, we cry with you.

For all of those women who wanted children and couldn’t or never had the chance, we sit with you in the pain that today might cause.

And for those women for whom Mother’s Day makes it feel like your value is limited only to the act of child-rearing, we affirm the fullness of your person and recognize all of the ways you bring life into this world.

Whatever Mother’s Day means to you, just know that God is present in you. We pray that your time in worship this weekend reminds you of this truth!

Grace and Peace,

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