Make a Difference

Dear Friends,

Most of us will do two really important things this week:

  1. Cast a ballot in the election
  2. Fill out a pledge card for the church

Each of these acts reflects our values.
Each of these acts tells the world what we think is important.
Each of these acts demonstrate our priorities.

Make no mistake, each of these acts will directly impact people other than just ourselves.

Most importantly, both of these acts, casting our vote and filling out our pledge cards, build
the kind of community to which we want to belong.
But here is the real truth: neither one of these actions will matter if we don’t show up—if
we don’t participate. If we want to make an impact, we have to be engaged. We have to

Let’s be reminded that by participating, by making a generosity pledge, we are:

  • Combating poverty by feeding and providing basic needs for the hungry and
    homeless of our community.
  • Creating spaces where children and youth develop a lifelong commitment to
  • Building a community of inclusion that will stand against racism, sexism, antiSemitism,
    homophobia and transphobia, and all other acts of hatred and
  • Develop a network of care where seniors are not cast aside, forgotten, or alone.

This is what happens when we fill out our pledge card.

Our pledge cards will arrive in mail early this week. Please prayerfully consider the act of
generosity you will make to the missions and ministries of Royal Oak First for the coming
year. You can bring the card back next Sunday or you can drop it in the mail.

Don’t miss out. Like casting our vote, this is our chance to participate in shaping the world.
Together we are making a difference.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff's Signature

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