Love One Another

This week as part of the modern love series, we are thinking about friendship. Each of us can identify with feelings of friendship and the treasuring of our friends. By all means, treasure those friendships because they are part of God’s gifts to you.

Jesus tells us in the scripture today that he will be our friend and commands us to love one another. Jesus gives us the ‘template’ or way to follow as a way to be a friend to others. The love of God for us is unwavering, always on target, and complete in a way that can allow us to be the best self we can ever hope to be.

But, it’s the third part of friendship that I’ve really been pondering this week. God calls us to be friends to others and not just to those we might initially gravitate toward. God calls us to be friends to people in need, to those who might need us more than we need them. And it’s by this that God builds up his kingdom in the world. So, live the credo, ‘You’ve Got a Friend in Me’ this week because, by it, God is using you to change the world. And isn’t that what we’re all about – changing the world?

George Marck

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