Let the Light Shine Through

Dear Friends,

A little girl wondered what a saint might be. One day her mother took her to a great cathedral to see the gorgeous stained-glass windows with scenes from the Bible. When she saw the beauty of it all she cried out loud, “Now I know what saints are. They are people who let the light shine through!”

We remember the saints today. The ones who let the light shine through. It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and we can think of no better week than to use our time of worship to say thank you to all those saints that have left us this past year and have entered into their eternal rest. We remember that we all stand on the shoulders of the saints that have gone before us. These saints paved the way. They kept the faith. They made sacrifices that make it possible for us to be here today. They let the light shine through.

And so today we pause to simply say, “Thank You.”

Who are the saints in your life that you want to remember today?

A parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle?
A spouse, a child, a sibling?
A coach, a teacher, an elder from church?
A neighbor, a friend?

Each of us have people that are saints—people whose memories we still carry in our hearts. Today we simply pause to say thank you for the gift God gave us in these saints. We say thank you for shining the light!

For all the saints!

Grace and Peace,

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