LEGO Church

Dear Friends,

When it was suggested that we use LEGOs for our fall series I was like, “Sure! Why not? LEGOs are cute and colorful. It will be nice!”

I admit I had no idea how using LEGOs as a metaphor would open up so many possibilities about what it means to be the church.

Here are a few things we are learning about building a “LEGO Church.”

  1. LEGOs use all different sizes, shapes and colors to make a creation. The diversity of people in the church are what make it beautiful.
  2. LEGOs invite collaboration. The first Sunday we watch as a group of both adults and children worked together to build something remarkable. The church is at its best when people can build upon the ideas of others with freedom and joy.
  3. LEGOs create an open system of innovation. LEGOs are not a puzzle. With puzzles there is only one solution and only one way the pieces can fit together. LEGOs are all about possibilities. They are flexible. They are adaptable. The ways all the pieces can be put together is infinite. Churches that are flexible and resilient can create new solutions and opportunities.
  4. LEGOs are all about connections. LEGOs are built to connect. They are both connected and connectors. They can always make room for more pieces.

This is the kind of future we are building here at Royal Oak First. A church where diversity is a strength and collaboration is encouraged. A church where there are infinite possibilities to experience God’s love with the world. A church that will always be open to doing whatever it takes to make room for the next person to get connected.

Thanks for building the LEGO church with me.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff's Signature

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