It’s Real

Dear Friends,

In our first year together, I did a lot of listening. I was listening to the ways you described what made this place and the movement here so special. What I heard you say over and over was that you experienced God’s love at Royal Oak First. What was really interesting, though, was that when you spoke of God’s love it was not in some theoretical, religious way, but instead the love you experienced here was tangible and very personal. So, we started to claim that sense as our mantra, “Making Christ’s Love Real!”

I met Antone Tuesday night. It was time for me to go home. It was time for dinner so I was headed out the door and there, peeking in, was Antone. It was time for dinner and he knew exactly where to come. He knew that even though we had served lunch six hours earlier that if you are hungry you come to the Methodist Church and somebody will find you something to eat. Sure enough, there in the refrigerator were sandwiches ready and waiting. Tangible. Personal. “Christ’s love made real.”

In a couple of weeks I’ll be asking you to make an investment in the work God is doing in this place. Never doubt that your generosity is making a real a difference—one sandwich, one life at a time!

Grace and Peace

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