In Humble Service

Dear Friends,

You are a blessing. That is why the church exists—to be a blessing. The church exists to take the love of Christ it knows and has experienced for itself and then turn around and share it with the world. And you, the people of Royal Oak First, are indeed a blessing.

This week over eighty young people will be blessed by your kindness and generosity. Your gifts and service create Choir Camp—a week of singing and learning and praying and playing together. For many of these kids this week will be the highlight of their summer. Many of these kids will be friends with each other for the rest of their lives. And for some of these young people Choir Camp will be the place they will realize that God loves them and there is nothing they can about it! Who knows? Maybe one of them will hear “the call” and one day pledge their lives to Christian service!

Choir Camp is an important moment in the life of these young people and none of that is possible without you! Your kindness and generosity make Choir Camp possible. Make no mistake—God is using you to be a blessing to others.

Please keep us all in prayer this week. We’ll be back next Sunday to share the blessing with you!!!

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