Happy Easter!

Dear Friends,

Happy Easter and welcome to Royal Oak First United Methodist Church!

We are glad you are here!

Easter sits at the center of our faith and at the center of our lives. Here at Royal Oak First, Easter is not just a day or a season. For us, Easter is a way of life!

Easter means we try to live as if life is always full of possibilities. It means that love can always surprise us, and new beginnings are simply part of the fabric of life. Because of the everyday truth of Easter, we believe that this world can be transformed. So, if you are newer to Royal Oak First or if today is your first time worshiping with us, just know that this is what we are all about–partnering with God in making Easter real all day, every day.

In the shadows of our church is a place called Common Ground Sanctuary. It is a shelter for teens currently experiencing homelessness. Over the course of the year, some 150 young people will pass through their doors. In order to help them know that Easter is real, we have collected over 200 pillows, 230 pillowcases and 140 blankets so that each kid who is trying to find their way can be wrapped in love. It isn’t the act of giving them a pillow that changes the world, but the belief that every one of those kids deserves the chance of a fresh start. They deserve Easter to be real every day!

That is what this day is all about!
That is what this place is all about!
That is what this life is all about!

Please join us next week, next month, and throughout the year as we try to make God’s love real everyday.

Happy Easter!

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