Freeze Tag

Dear Friends,

I don’t know about you, but everything in life just gets easier when the sun is shining. When we look around and see the first flowers of spring, this idea of new life and new beginnings starts to sink in.

Spring is the promise of summer days ahead, and I start to remember the many summer nights spent in the backyard of my Aunt Anna. Gathered in the yard with all of my cousins, we would launch into a massive gave of Freeze Tag. I can still laugh thinking about standing in some corner of the yard, unable to move because I had been tagged and was “frozen.” I would stand there immobilized, just waiting for someone to tag me and release the “freeze.” This warm weather is a good time to start defrosting our hearts, our minds and our souls and get ready to answer the call to action from Jesus. As a church, we never go out into the world alone, but who around us stands “frozen,” just waiting for that tag of God’s love. We’ll be exploring the world of freeze tag this Saturday and at 9 am on Sunday.

The 11:00 service is a special event for our church: the opera, Noah’s Flood by Benjamin Britten. We are bringing together professionals and amateurs from the community along with Royal Oak First’s children and adult choirs, complete with orchestra, bells and 4- hand piano. Be prepared for lots of beautiful music and some precious children in animal costumes.

Our celebration of the resurrection continues this weekend by examining our lives, sharing our hearts and enjoying the sights and sounds of Noah’s Flood. You don’t want to miss out.

Pastor Myra

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