Dangerous Prayers

Dear Friends,

What a glorious week here at Royal Oak First! The weather is beautiful; the birds are chirping and the construction crews are humming. Life is good.

We are on an adventure here at our church, an adventure of new surroundings, new people visiting, new members. Most adventures begin with an element of risk, even danger. When the decision was made to begin construction on our church, who knew what we would find as we tore into a 100-year-old building. You never really know what you have to deal with until you start pulling away the old and you can certainly never start to build anew until you have dealt with the stumbling blocks. Ok, I’m not talking about our building anymore; I’m talking about our hearts, our lives.

We are moving into a worship series called “Dangerous Prayers” and we begin with the prayer “search me, oh God.” To move forward on the path that God has designed for our lives, we must first clear away the stumbling blocks, the things that hold us back.

Put your kazoos away, and let’s get ready to dig a little in the garden of our hearts. We know that we dig together, with each other and with the Holy Spirit.

Grace and Peace,

Myra Moreland

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