Connections in the Age of a Pandemic

Dear Friends,

As the little campfire song reminds us, “The church is the People.”

So, how do the people of the church gather and stay connected in the midst of a global pandemic?

That is the question we are all seeking to answer.

Last week we announced our Small Church gatherings, opportunities for groups of up to 10 to come together for a time of sharing, prayer, and Holy Communion. We know that, for some, gathering in person is not possible. So we want to offer the chance to come together virtually.

That is why we are excited to announce that the Zoom Prayer Room will be open on Tuesday, August 25, at both 10 am and 7 pm. This will be a chance to “see” each other, listen to each other’s and the congregation’s needs and concerns, receive a word inspiration from the scriptures, and then be joined together in prayer.

An invitation with all the necessary instructions and links will be sent out by email on Monday. If you want or need help learning to use the technology, please give Danielle Moody a call (248) 541-4100 ext. 1315 and she will help you get connected.

I was reminded of the importance of these connections in a text exchange I had with Ray Blessman, one of our church leaders, this past week. In his message, Ray suggested that we all needed a day of mourning because, as he said, we have had “so many losses that just couldn’t be addressed properly.”

I think Ray speaks the truth about what many of us are experiencing in this season. We need a place and people where we can be honest about how hard some of this is, and we need a place and a people where we know we are loved and where we know we can love others.

We are hopeful that the Zoom Prayer Room will give us that space.

Please gather with us when and how you can.

“See” you this weekend in worship.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Jeff

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