United Methodist Women

UMW - United Methodists Women at Rofum

An invitation to join in fellowship

For the woman-

  • who finds meaning in her church and is drawn to fellowship.
  • who wants to develop creative, supportive fellowship.
  • whose life is packed full of activity and obligations and who needs a supportive
    group to affirm her own sense of prayer.
  • who wants to grow with and help expand mission concepts through participating in
    global ministries of the church.

  • Charity Circle
    Meets the second Wednesday of the month at 9:30 a.m. in the church parlor. We have a
    short business meeting, devotion, light snack and guest speakers. Twice a year we have a
    potluck luncheon. We have a mix of ages in our circle.
  • Knowledge Circle
    Meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the members’ homes. Dessert is
    served followed by a business meeting and an inspirational program. Programs include
    speakers, hands on creative projects, and other events combining fun and fellowship.
  • Peace/Love Circle
    Meets on the third Thursday of each month at 1:00 p.m. in the church Parlor for a short
    meeting and a program. Guests are always welcome.

If you have any questions about the United Methodist Women at Royal Oak First United
Methodist Church, please contact us at (248)541-4100 or office@rofum.org.

Shawl Ministries at Rofum

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Shawl Ministry group, sponsored by United Methodist Women, has been meeting since January, 2006. Our mission is to minister to people in need of various kinds of support for diverse life situations. Since our beginning, members have dedicated and donated hundreds of prayer
shawls, scarves, hats, and blankets to those in need of loving comfort.

All are invited who are interested in knitting, crocheting, and other handcrafts. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month (calendar permitting) in the church parlor from 1-3:00 p.m. For additional information, contact Mary Nahhat.

The purpose of the UMW Reading Program is to encourage United Methodist Women:

  • to expand understanding of and participation in God’s mission;
  • to increase sensitivity to all human beings – their needs, interests, and concerns;
  • to encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today;
  • to grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life;
  • to enhance self-knowledge and to act from that knowledge;
  • to strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

Any person wishing to participate in the UMW Reading Program should follow these

  • Read 4 books each year, 1 from each category (Spiritual Growth, Education & Interpretation, Social Action, and Membership Nurture & Outreach)
  • Selections from the 1998-2006 reading lists including children’s books (if not included in previous reports)
  • Regular reading of Response

Please sign your name on the “Reading Program” list in the library. Any questions, contact
Marge Youngs, Chairperson of Program Resources.

Ink Jet Cartridge and Cell Phone Recycling


This is an ongoing fundraiser, so please continue placing your empty cartridges and used cell phones (no chargers, please) in the appropriate bins in the collection center located in the coat room. Please put the empty cartridge in the original box or a Ziploc bag to keep it safe from damages and spills.
Thank you, in advance, for helping us recycle those old ink cartridges and participating in
this fundraising program. If you have any questions, contact Marge Youngs.

Mission Collections

Please note that we are no longer collecting tea tags, postage stamps, or Betty Crocker coupons.

The following items may be deposited in the Kitchenette in either the cupboard or drawer
next to the window:

  • Aluminum can tabs
  • Trading stamps
  • Manufacturer’s coupons (pet products, tobacco, adult diapers, or items unattainable with food stamps)
  • Box Tops for Education
  • Campbell’s, Franco-American, and Prego UPC labels
  • Greeting card pictures (fronts only)
  • Medical equipment large and small (medicine samples and unused prescriptions, prescription bottles with straight sides, eyeglasses)

Cell phones and old ink cartridges (no toner cartridges, please) may be placed in the receptacle in the office.

UMW Collecting Items for World Medical Relief

Rofum Medical Relief Donations

Give it to us when you’re done with it:

  1. Do you have extra medicine samples, food supplements, or eyeglasses you don’t need?
  2. Has your prescription been changed and you have some of the other one left?
  3. If you’re finished with crutches, wheelchair, hospital bed, or other equipment, they can be used by others.

After you remove the label, bring in your prescription bottles. World Medical Relief can use the plastic ones (usually yellow or brown) with straight edges. The medicine bottles with narrow necks (such as what vitamins or aspirin come in) should be put in your recycle bin;
they can’t use them.

These small items should be brought to the kitchenette, between the parlor and mechanical room. Put them in the last drawer on the right, next to the window. That is where United Methodist Women collect all the items we send on to a variety of missions. Other items collected are Campbell’s labels, box tops for education, pop can tabs, redemption stamps and cents-off coupons (especially those for items that can’t be purchased with food stamps; adult diapers, sanitary products, pet food, etc.).

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