Building the Future

Dear Friends,

I think this picture best captures what we are building here at Royal Oak First.

It was taken a couple of weeks ago when our Wednesday Night Children’s Ministry Program (Holy COW) left the building and journeyed over to the Royal Oak Manor to bring the gift of their presence, and their music, to the residents who call the Manor their home. My favorite thing about this picture is the woman leading these kids in singing.

This is Lori Gross.

Here is what you need to know about Lori:
Lori grew up in this church.
Lori was nurtured and cared for by the people of this church.
Lori sang in the children’s and youth choirs of this church.


And now Lori is back giving to the very church that has given so much to her!

This is what this LEGO Church we are building is all about.

Because others built us up, helped us find our place, taught us to share our gifts, helped us find our voice, we get the chance to be that “piece” for the next person to find their place, their gift, their voice!

Here is what I believe – the kids in this picture will one day be leading a kid’s choir, teaching a Sunday School class, going on a mission trip, doing something in their church to “build up” a next generation of kids.

What are we building here?

The future.

One piece & one person at a time!

It is an honor to build this movement with you!

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jeff's Signature

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