Bible Sunday

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter, the temperature outside is rapidly dropping. Yesterday it was in the 80s (in October), and by tomorrow night the forecast says we will be in the 30s. At the same time, Hurricane Michael is cutting a path of devastation from the Florida panhandle to the Carolina coast. Crazy, unpredictable weather in what sometimes seems like crazy, unpredictable times.

Tuesday night as I left the Ladies’ Book Study, I stood in the church parking lot for a moment. It was a beautiful night, clear sky, perfect temperature. Against this backdrop I watched a group of women saying good night with hugs and genuine expressions of love and concern and care for each other. It was yet another reminder to me that in the midst of all the “crazy” God continues to move and show the hand of his love.

This weekend is Bible Sunday, a milestone event for our third graders. We recognize each of our children in the third grade. They will stand before the church, supported by a Bible Friend and mentor, and be presented with a Bible. Please don’t let the significance of this moment pass as we share the scriptures, traditions and stories of our faith with the next generation.

Our Bible Sunday scripture takes us deep into the Old Testament. As the song goes, “Ancient words ever true, changing me and changing you.” There is a powerful lesson in the ancient words from the prophet Habakkuk. He is a prophet living in crazy, destructive times who asks the universal question “Where are you, God, and why have you let all of this happen?” God shows Habakkuk a path to climb above the chaos and find goodness and grace, just as God shows us today.

Join us this weekend as we celebrate our third graders and as we find the path to good amid the struggles of life.

Grace and Peace

Myra Moreland

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