Anna and Natalia met in day care when they were less than one year old. The summer before thrid grade, Ann had been looking forward going to Choir Camp but was nervous about not knowing other kids very well. She invited Natalia to come to camp with her… the rest is history.

Natalia and Anna will graduate this year. They agree that being friends at school and at church has deepened their friendship.

Bridget Nelson, one of our Youth Group leaders says, “Friendship is one of the things that keeps our young people in church. I’m grateful for a church that makes space for young people, encourages them to invite a friend and grow in their faith together.”

Ann and Natalie have participated in just about everything at Royal Oak First: Choir, Youth Group, helping with childcare, making pasties, and serving at Fish Dinners. Last summer, they served as Student Leaders on the youth trip to Cincinnati and enjoyed all the senior responsibilities during their 10th year at Choir Camp.






Natalia and Anna

i love this church…a trans woman…former hs principal…love who i am…lots of rejection but not from rofum…been affirmed and loved by many…love being in the house band…sang professionally for many years…also joined oumc….on my journey to become my authentic self…i rediscovered God in this beautiful church…not all ‘get me’…but i know that God does…and finally after 70 years of life…i love myself…jeff…myra…caleb ‘walk their talk’…lead with grace and compassion…thanks andrew..rofum gets.a top rating from me…love and light… grace and peace…laci marie basel


I always walk away uplifted with a message that I can use everyday. I look forward to Sunday’s at Royal Oak FUMC!


There is a peace in the empty sanctuary that can be found no where else on Earth.


Clear mental image to carry the message home! Lovely welcome. Great music – heartfelt singing!


Rofum, is the most amazing, loving church you will ever attend. Rofum has helped shape me into who I am today, and I’ll never forget them.


Adrianna Marino and her two sons, Zander and Valin, are some of the many new faces that have made Royal Oak First their home this past year.

“My boys go to Royal Oak Middle School. There were two pretty public incidents of racial intimidation in their school this year. I was really worried. I wanted to make sure I was raising my children in a community where everybody was welcome. I just couldn’t sit by and not do anything!”

Adrianna set out to organize an event that would bring our community together. She started to gather people of different races, religions, and backgrounds. People really looking for a chance to come together. They just needed a place to old their event.

“I called around to local churches but nobody was interested. Someone told me to check with Royal Oak First. I called and was blown away by your excitement about hosting the event.” Adrianna helped host a community Peace Forum where hundreds of people gathered to sing, pray, and speak about the kind of community they wanted in Royal Oak. It was a powerful night.

“Your pastors and staff were so warm and welcoming. The members I met the day made me want to come back and visit.

“I started coming to worship shortly after. I was hooked. For the first two or three months I cried through almost every service. The music an message were almost moving but it was the friendliness of the people that rally made me want to be part of this place. I really experienced the love of god in this place. So, for the first time in my adult life, I joined a church!”

Adrianna Marino

Enthusiasm and welcoming! Pastor Jeff has brought new energy to ROFUM


Beyond tolerance, beyond acceptance. This place is the holy grail of inclusion.


My daughter Lynn and her husband Tim have raised their family in this historic church. We are delighted to see that something new is stirring again with the arrival of a new pastor whose motto seems to be “God loves you and there is nothing you can do about it!” We look forward to a revival breaking out at ROFUM among young families. Just what Riyal Oak needs.


Wow! Old building but something new is stirring in the inside. Love, grace, fellowship, community and so much more is what you’ll find at ROFUM! I find the environment so welcoming and all about connecting disconnected people with God through love and grace. This church is alive and you won’t be disappointed that you’ve come.


I know that you folks at Royal Oak have the greatest guy n the world to lead you and he tells it like it is and I never wanted to miss his sermons as he kept me going for a long time and I sure miss him. Treasure both he and Bridget.


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