Christian Education


Sunday Morning Church School

(Sept – May)
9:00 a.m.: Crib Nursery/Preschool

11:00 a.m.: Crib Nursery
Elementary graded classrooms
Middle School
High School

*** All classes are being held on the fourth floor for the duration of our renovation project. We are looking forward to our new Christian Education floor in 2017!

*** During the 11:00 am worship service all children are invited to a “Time with Children” sermon at the beginning of the service.  After this special message, the children are accompanied up to their Sunday school classrooms on the fourth floor. 

Nursery: Compassionate nursery attendant and volunteer caregivers are available at the 9:15 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship services to provide care to our littlest ones.

Preschool: Preschool class is available at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship service. We currently use the curriculum Deep Blue Sea by Cokesbury for our preschool class.

Elementary: Graded classrooms are available at the 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship service.  We currently use the curriculum Deep Blue Sea by Cokesbury for our elementary Sunday school classes.

Middle and High School: During the summer month’s youth participate in the worship services. During the school year there is an interactive Bible study for youth during the 11:00 a.m. Sunday worship service. We currently use the curriculum Echo the Story by Sparkhouse for our Middle/High Sunday school class.

Holy COW, Look at THIS!

Church On Wednesday
5:45-7:30 p.m.

Holy COW can be a great source of inspiration. Sometimes, it will inspire you. Sometimes, you will inspire others. Together, our faith journey will be enhanced.

Registration forms are available in the church office or click here to download. All children attending Holy COW must be registered. Prepayment for meals is encouraged, but not required. Suggested payment amounts are listed on the registration form.

Classes are available for both children and adults. This year Holy COW will be running on a new schedule. It is our hope that the new schedule will be more convenient for our families and the longer dinner will facilitate the inclusion of whole-group programming into our dinner hour. Holy COW will now begin at 5:45 (15 minutes later) and dinner will be extended to 6:30. Confirmation class is being moved back to allow confirmands to attend choir.

Scheduling specifics are listed below:
Dinner and Whole-Group Programming: 5:45-6:30 PM
Preschool/Kindergarten Choir: 6:30-7:00 PM
Grades 1-3 Class
Revelation Choir (Grades 4-8)
Adult Classes (run to 7:30)
Treble Choir (Grades 1-3)
Grades 4-7 Class
8th Grade Confirmation (runs to 8 p.m.)

Our Holy COW schedule follows the Royal Oak school schedule. If there is no school (due to inclement weather or vacation time)
Holy COW also takes the day off.

Weather Alert!

Please note that when the Royal Oak Schools close for inclement weather, we cancel Holy COW.