Christ’s Love is Audible

God Loves You

God Loves You by Caleb Williams

Sung on Camp Sunday 2017

Revelations Choir singing - How can I keep from Singing, arr Semivan

How Can I Keep From Singing arr Semivan

Revelation Choir Sung on Camp Sunday 2017

Fest of Carols Peace, Peace 2015

Peace, Peace

Feast of Carols 2015

The Canticle Choir - Sing to the Lord

Sing to the Lord a New Song by Becki Slagle Mayo

Canticle Choir on Camp Sunday 2017

The Sanctus choir singing first segment of Requiem

Requiem Aetermam

Special Sanctus Choir and Orhestra

2017 Rofum Choir Camp Video

Choir Camp 2017

The Angelus Choir Singing - O Sifuni Mungu

O Sifuni Mungu arr Emerson

Angelus Choir singing on Sunday Camp Sunday 2017

The Nahhat family Singers

Nahhat Family Singers


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