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Rev. Jeff Nelson
Senior Pastor
x1217 jnelson...
Rev. Bob Goudie
Pastor of Visitation
x1198 office...
Caleb B. Williams
Director of Music/Organist
x1198 cwilliams...
Jennifer Semivan
Director of Primary & Youth Choirs
x1198 jsemivan...
Heather Nowak
Director of Christian Education and Youth
x1313 hnowak...
Peggy Gill
Congregational Care Assistant
x1214 pgill...
Laurie O'Donnell
x1220 lodonnell...
Sami Garrett
Communications Secretary
x1224 sgarrett...
Shirley Harris
Kitchen Supervisor
x1198 office...
Kim Roman
Nursery Attendant
x1198 office...
Fred Bowden
Head Custodian
x1223 fbowden...
Ben Graham
Sunday Custodian
x1198 office...

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